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    New 2020 Spoofer

    hola amigo una consulata como puedo compra para el lol
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  5. im alive too lol
  6. xnelux

    New 2020 Spoofer

    still a thing? :^)
  7. Oh the sweet reunion ~BestRyzeEu
  8. Glad to see BoL back, jk i guess its still dead - shoutout to the old Community :3 ~ Nelux aka Kiddy Nelux
  9. Where is the old forum? With the BoL download link and with all those topics with many many scripts? I want that shit back!
  10. Hello dear user, if you are here once again in these forums you are probably wondering "What happened to BoL!?" What happened? Our community was one of the biggest and oldest regarding league scripting, it was originally inspired by Funny PullBack (a project by zenox that was dropped by unknown reasons). Our community grew strong and many strong characters spawned, some became quite a legend in our forums. But with some time our community grew out of control and there was not much unity anymore, it was just a free market for script sales dispute, and there was little that we cou
  11. I can't find a link to the jump on the forum. I need the free version. You are welcome.
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