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  2. The end of Season 11 is almost coming and it’s time to give that last push to get your highest rank possible and to be able to receive the final rewards for the season This season there were a lot of changes in the game and players overall were satisfied with them, from new items to dragon changes. Once the season is over players will have a few months to get used to the new changes Riot will do for the upcoming season 12. A lot of new changes will come for the new season and Riot already gave an insight into some of the changes the game will have. When does LoL Seaso

    New 2020 Spoofer

    hola amigo una consulata como puedo compra para el lol
  4. im alive too lol
  5. xnelux

    New 2020 Spoofer

    still a thing? :^)
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