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  1. Hello dear user, if you are here once again in these forums you are probably wondering "What happened to BoL!?"

    What happened?

    Our community was one of the biggest and oldest regarding league scripting, it was originally inspired by Funny PullBack (a project by zenox that was dropped by unknown reasons). Our community grew strong and many strong characters spawned, some became quite a legend in our forums.

    But with some time our community grew out of control and there was not much unity anymore, it was just a free market for script sales dispute, and there was little that we could do to not hurt the forum eco-system.

    Administration grew focused on finding solutions to delivering content faster and safer on a new software, but failed on execution and nothing was ever delivered (aka soonTm). The forums was left for moderation to take care of what was left of it, but there wasn't much coordination or planning among the organization.

    I personally lost interest in doing anything besides updating the framework, as all of the content was delivered by the community and we were afraid of touching that. I got one final sparkle of interest with the private server project (IntWars circa 2014) , but that was quickly shutdown by Riots new crusade against scripting and possible Private Server communities.

    At this point it was clear that we were a priority target and that resistance would be futile, so the project was abandoned by most of the Administration and left in a deep coma. Other projects soon had to close or go rogue as they could not be exposed anymore.

    You can still see to these days Riot values a lot their anti-cheat team and wont spare resources.


    AC Dev Blog Post

    What is going to happen!

    Oh we still are here, and we still like developing game hacks! We just wont be targeting some of these games, but we hope to bring some fun and interesting new content for your game play!

    Still tuned and find out more about our future plans in our discord: https://discord.gg/fMqw9Fs

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  2. If you have been banned in a previous EAC or BE game you can contact us in our discord to buy our new spoofer.

    Guaranteed to work or you get your money back.


    Contact monster_arth#9003 or our discord.

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